Frank and Honest Aluminium Capsules

What’s new with Frank & Honest Capsules?

All plastic has been removed from our Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules.
Using aluminium in capsules reduces their environmental footprint as it’s lightweight and recyclable.
Aluminium significantly improves the quality of coffee as it’s airtight – it keeps the ground coffee inside fresh for longer and fully protects it from moisture, oxygen, light and heat. This improves in-cup quality so your coffee always tastes amazing.
Our new aluminium capsules are compatible with all generation Nespresso® machines excluding Nespresso® Vertuo.

How to recycle frank and honest aluminium capsules

When it comes to recycling your Frank and Honest Aluminium Capsules, there are two options:

1. Invest in a Dualit recyclerThese are simple to use and available to purchase in selected SuperValu and Centra stores. You can see how they work HERE

2. DIY Method a. After using the capsule, leave it to cool down fully.
b. Remove the lid (the part that’s perforated after use). You can just cut it off with scissors.
c. Empty the coffee out. The grounds can go into compost/brown bin or used in your garden.
d. Rinse the aluminium capsule and lid. These can go into recycling/green bin.


Frank and Honest house blend coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. Since 1995, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of sustainable coffee farmers and the Rainforest Alliance Certified TM seal is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

This helps ensure long term sector sustainability which improves farmer livelihoods and the health and well-being of communities, whilst protecting natural resources and landscapes.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal stands for:

More efficient farm management
Less soil erosion
Less water pollution
Less waste produced
Improved profitability and competitiveness
Wildlife habitat is protected
Reduced threats to the environment and human health
Less water consumed
More collaboration between farmers and conservationists

Frank and Honest have partnered with UCC Coffee as key coffee supplier. UCC are the leading total coffee solution partner for retail and out of home customers. From origin and sourcing, to production, roasting, preparation and delivery, UCC Coffee embeds responsible practices throughout its business model to ensure coffee excellence for all its customers.

Green coffee shipping

From the cherry through to the green bean, several logistic movements take place before transformation into export grade green coffee sourced by UCC. From the key growing regions , green coffee is shipped globally, mainly by containerised sea freight, using giant container ships. Coffee suppliers determine the choice of logistic network and shipping provider before delivery to UCC Coffee.

Global shipping is regulated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), who have mandatory environmental and social measures including targets to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from international shipping and ship design; and standards to assure the safety and security of life at sea and protection of the marine environment.


Once coffee is delivered at UCC Coffee’s UK roastery, the entire production process is tightly controlled to preserve the product’s quality and safety, and precision roasting achieves customer and branded specification standards. UCC Coffee’s UK roastery is certified in accordance with the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Global Standards Food Safety Issue 7 Standard and in 2019, the site was upgraded to Grade ‘AA’ status in recognition of its operating excellence.

Reducing the environmental impact of the production process is fundamental to UCC Coffee’s ways of working. The roastery site operates at a 100% zero waste-to-landfill approach, with all waste either reused, recycled or recovered into energy. Hessian sacks received from incoming coffee shipments are redistributed to various local businesses for reuse, for example controlling temperature during concrete curing and/or packaging fragile items for transportation. In addition, waste green coffee husks are broken down via anaerobic digestion, which produces biogas for electricity generation. Where waste cannot be reused or recycled, it is sent for energy recovery.

UCC Coffee uses leading waste partners with strict environmental standards to ensure best-practice is upheld across their waste disposal routes. The roastery’s waste partner is accredited to ISO14001 and has been awarded “Gold” status by the Supply Chain Sustainability School, an industry collaboration backed by the UK’s leading construction contractors and clients. In addition, UCC Coffee continually monitors energy use against its production output to increase resource efficiency and mitigate intensity. The UCC Coffee Green Team continually strive for improvement to reduce the overall impact of its operations on the environment, with current initiatives including increases in renewable energy and trialling reduced levels of plastic within packaging materials.

Distribution, consumption and disposal

As the Total Coffee Solution, UCC Coffee understands the need for sustainability to be embedded in all steps of the journey from seed to sip. For onward distribution of finished goods, UCC Coffee work with leading freight partners and its customers to plan full load deliveries where possible, to reduce overall environmental impact and emissions. One example is UCC Coffee’s Ireland-based logistics partner, who achieved the Irish ‘€coMerit’ certification in recognition of its commitment to environmental improvement.

Once delivered at the customers’ sites, the UCC Coffee technical team continually strive to improve the machine performance of the most innovative and forward-thinking coffee equipment brands, ensuring great coffee is delivered at minimal environmental impact. Telemetry is a key feature on Frank and Honest machines, which the technical team expertly use to deliver proactive, first-line fix support to its customers. This was exemplified in 2018, when remote updates to Eversys machines enabled rinse water usage to be reduced saving nearly 570,000 litres of water per annum.

Minimising environmental impact is also a key concern at the point of disposal. Our water filter partner, BRITA, operates a circular economy approach to used water filters, enabling waste to be designed out of the supply chain. Used water filters within our network are sent back to BRITA’s recycling plant in Germany, where the resin is regenerated into new BRITA filters and any plastic is crushed to become garden furniture. All Frank and Honest coffee machines use Brita filters only.

Coffee Beans Sack of Beans

Design and environment

Frank and Honest have partnered with 2 key coffee machine manufacturers for our equipment needs: Eversys for super automatic machines and Nuova Simonelli for traditional machines.


Eversys use state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality of components to continuously improve their products’ efficiency and lifetime.

Eversys equipment is 99% recyclable, 93% in a single step. The use of man-made materials is limited to connections and a few external parts. The machines are all built with noble materials like steel, aluminium, brass. The 7% gap in recycling is caused by presence of electronic components that render the recycling slightly more challenging in 2 steps rather than 1.

All Eversys equipment have standby functionality and power management, which means reduced energy requirements outside of peak times. Cleaning of the machine is designed to minimise water and power usage.

Eversys promote the use of local suppliers with over 75% of machine parts being produced in Switzerland/Germany (lower carbon footprint). Water utilisation is optimised in the production of Eversys machines.

The Eversys factory is situated in an old fruit storage company, which means that there are thick concrete walls that maintain an even temperature without much need for energy. Eversys are in the process of building a new factory in a regional eco-park. This would mean that the energy consumption must be near zero. It will introduce solar energy as well as leading edge technologies to minimise carbon footprint.

Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli provide the traditional espresso machines for our cafes. High quality and environmentally friendly materials, as well as energy saving technical solutions are features of their models which are marketed all over the world today. This same attention to environmental and social sustainability has been applied by Nuova Simonelli to its manufacturing facility.

Standalone Café

In our standalone cafés we have replaced a lot of manufactured materials with more natural finishes: ropes, reclaimed wood, natural timber. All the equipment used in cafes is energy efficient and we use low energy appliances only. Coffee grounds are available in all cafes for customers to collect free of charge to use as fertiliser in their gardens. It reduces waste into landfill and helps to grow beautiful plants. Our focus in the café is to minimise the use of single use packaging and as a result we offer our customers glasses instead of plastic cups and stainless steel cutlery instead of disposable one. If takeaway packaging is required only compostable options are available.

Our Cups

TAKEAWAY CUPS The Frank and Honest takeaway cups and lids are now fully compostable. The cups are manufactured in Ireland by Cup Print in Co. Clare.

The material in the cup is manufactured using an annually renewable source of plant based liner. The outer wall of the cups is made of recycled paper.

REUSABLE CUPS Frank and Honest offer a 20 cent discount in Centra and SuperValu shops when you bring your own reusable cup.

Leaf with Coffee Beans Cup of Coffee